Monday, June 17, 2024

Fun and Busy Weekend

Naomi kindly arranged for the entire family to go to the Dayton Dragons (a local A baseball team) on Saturday. Her employer offered tickets and a catered meal to all of her immediate family. Lydia wasn't well but everyone else got to go.  We had a ton of fun!  The Dragons do lots of silly things in between innings, so even the people not that excited about baseball thoroughly enjoyed themselves!

And extra bonus was that the Dragons were behind 4 to 2 in the 9th, and came back to win it!  Everyone went kind of crazy. It was great.

This is Moonbeam, one of our older cats. He is fat and happy.

I am almost done with this 1000 piece puzzle. I have been working on it for more than a month.

We celebrated Rose's birthday this weekend. She is indeed 10 years old. I adore her and am proud of her.

Rose with one of her presents.


Sunday, June 9, 2024

Busy Week

 We have been back from St. Croix about a week now. It was a busy and good week.

I took Daniel to the doctor for his annual check up.  He is a chunky young man, and currently the heaviest of all our children; yes, heavier than his seven older siblings!

Here's the thing, though. In the last couple of years, he has been rising in the growth curve for boys. He used to be below 50th percentile height for his age. Now he is 80th percentile in height for his age!


His brother are ridiculously tall and thin. Both big boys are slowly gaining weight but they are very thin for their heights.

I am truly very happy that Daniel has some extra energy packed on him so that when he starts shooting up even more than he has been, he will have some extra calories to help!

He is growing fast. He just turned 12 and we measure the kids every few months and yeah, he is growing fast.

It does bug me that people obsess about weight without taking into account puberty and stuff like that. No one is giving Daniel a hard time which is good; I just think that it is wise to realize that children, especially, may pack on extra weight for puberty.

Sarah is still growing too. She is taller than I am! She is only 13 years old!

Rose will be 10 soon. She is rather petite but you never know what a Kendig will do during puberty! She might end up tall as well!

We opened the pool.

We also released a book. It is doing fairly well. There is a lot of competition this time of year. A great many other authors have released Regency romance novels in general, and Jane Austen Fan Fiction (JAFF) books in particular.

Sunday, June 2, 2024

Back from St. Croix

 Kevin and I got back from St. Croix last night, very late. Actually, we got back early this morning.

Kevin flew out to St. Croix two Saturdays ago with three of our daughters. The girls spent a week there with Kevin, and then flew back last Saturday, while I flew to St. Croix.

So Kevin was there two weeks, and I was there one.

We had a fabulous time.

We were in a condo the whole time, but were pleased to note three cruise ships docking in St. Croix over the two week period that Kevin was there. St. Croix is not nearly as popular as St. Thomas, which is just a few miles away, and cruise ships don't visit it often. It would be advantageous to the local economy if more tourists came.

Hermit crabs fighting for dominance on a pipe which is leaking water.

Kevin in the ocean, and red balloons. The balloons were a mystery -- where did they come from? We discovered laster that day that someone was having a birthday party nearby and these had escaped.

Me next to ... um ... Kevin! What are these called?  I forget! 

This was the sunset the first full day I was there. WOW! One of the greatest sunsets I have ever seen.

Reminds me of the hymn, How Great Thou Art

1 O Lord my God, when I in awesome wonder,
Consider all the worlds thy hands have made;
I see the stars, I hear the rolling thunder,
Thy power throughout the universe displayed:

We have vacationed in St. Croix eight times now. In our early years, we went all over the island, but the last couple of years, I mostly have just wanted to stay in the condo and go snorkeling.

Kevin went all over the island with the girls, so he was cheery about snorkeling and yes, staying in the condo.

I wrote a lot of a new Pride and Prejudice story.

I took naps.

I watched TV shows.

I swam and enjoyed the view and snorkeled.

It was wonderful to just have time with Kevin and enjoy nice dinners, and the ocean, and the fish and all that.

The condo was weird; we rented it because it had more beds than the condo we usually rent; this one is in the same building as our "regular" one with one big difference; only the bedroom was air conditioned.

And let me tell you, St. Croix is HOT!

It was Ok, but hmmmmmmmm

Yes, I am spoiled. I love AC.

But in any case it was wonderful.

And I am thankful to be back. I missed the kids a lot.

Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Summer Break

 This is our last week of school. The children are just doing math this week.

I always get pretty tired of school by this time of year. The kids are always tired of school this time of year. So a win win situation to take off a couple of months.

I usually start up gently in August and we are at full throttle in September.

This coming year, I will only be teaching three children. The older fived have graduated high school and Angela is taking college classes as a high school student.

It is definitely easier than when I was juggling teaching and babies and toddlers.

Naturally I won't be sitting around all summer. I hope to do a lot of writing. I also want to go through the children's clothing and figure out what they have outgrown and all that. Our pool will be open starting next month and there will be lots of swimming.

I intend to keep getting good books from the library and telling the kids to read them.

So it will be nice.

Sunday, May 19, 2024


 We try to go to church every week but sometimes life happens and we cannot or do not.

Rose had a puffy eye yesterday morning; she said it had been bothering her for a couple of days. The white of her eye was very white so not pink eye or anything. My best guess is an insect bite. It was bothering her a lot and she asked if she could stay home this morning and sleep in. Kevin is currently with some of our girls on a vacation to St. Croix so I stayed home with her this morning.

Yesterday when she was really unhappy I stayed home instead of helping with our church's food pantry. I asked Joseph and Isaac to go instead and they did. It was very busy, they said. Actually, all things considered, they are more useful in some ways than I am. I am good at talking to clients and getting information, but a lot of the job is carrying heavy bags up and down stairs and taking them out to cars, and my back isn't up to that mostly.

Her eye is better today. Still hurting her but better.

Joseph's start date at his job got pushed back to this week; he starts on Tuesday which is exciting.

It is hot. Like 80s many days. 

My newest book comes out early June. The audio book is done. Kevin has worked so hard with editing both the book form and the audio book. Our narrator is really good; his name is Harry Frost and he is a Brit. 

I am about 40,000 words into a new book. I have written about 30,000 of those words; our editor/ghost writer has written the other 10,000. We make a great team.

Oh, I was going to talk about TV!

For years I didn't watch much TV because I wasn't too interested, plus I was super busy.

Now that the kids are older and less needy, I am able to watch TV.

It is a whole new world compared to when I was a child, when there were four channels.

There are a bunch of cozy mysteries that I really enjoy that are on Britbox and Acorn TV. 

Here are a few in case you also like Cozy Mysteries on TV:

1. Death in Paradise

2. Brokenwood

3. Beyond Paradise

4. Sister Boniface: this one is really fun, about a forensic scientist/nun in the years following WWII. 

5. My Life is Murder

So yes, fun. Now Beyond Paradise is a spin off of Death in Paradise and I like it very much except for one thing; the main couple are living together, have been trying to have a baby together, are foster parents together, and are engaged but not married. At the end of Season 2 they tried to get married and then don't for various reasons that don't have anything to do with love. That annoys me. I think maybe the writers want the tension of them possibly finding other romantic partners but still, it is annoying. Marriage is a good thing and these two people don't have any legal commitment in spite of living together and trying to raise kids together.

But that is a vague rant. These are not "Christian" shows so I don't expect them to have Christian world views.

All of these don't involve much gore at all, and they are all puzzle type mysteries.

I appreciate the options for watching shows nowadays. Again, back in my youth, there were four channels including PBS, and you couldn't skip the commercials. 

Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Mid May


Kevin and the children worked on our garden the last few days. He planted tomato plants yesterday! Hopefully they do well this year.

That is chocolate; namely, Sam's Club's chocolate almond crisps. I love them.

More chocolate. 72% cocoa so quite bitter but still wonderful. 

Trader Joe's has these dark chocolate peanut butter cups that I have zero control over. I mean, I love them so much. I eat them too much. I love them.  They have too much sugar for me to eat with abandon so I really shouldn't eat them at all if I can't control myself.

I have been putting peanut butter on my very dark chocolate and that is tasty (not as good as the peanut butter cups) and I can control myself.

Eating carefully is annoying sometimes.

But I am blessed to have good chocolate and good food for a diabetic.

All the kids were at church so we had a picture. Rose is trying to smile but she is working on her smiling.

Six of the children wrote letters about me and gave them to the church; there was a Mother's Day thing where certain mothers got a gift card based on the letters their kids wrote about them. I won for Isaac's letter. I got all the letters and they are sweet and delightful and all of them were deserving, but of course they weren't going to give me more than one gift card.

It is nice to be appreciated!

Thursday, May 9, 2024

New Shelves


Kevin is super handy. I am not. It is just one of the many ways that our marriage is a union of different skills!

This is in our pantry; he added shelves. I am so happy! I like organized spaces. Also, we eat a lot and have a lot of food stored so yes, delightful!

Thanks, honey!