Saturday, June 24, 2017

Lydia is 16!

Our sweet Lydia is 16!

I remember like it was yesterday the night she was born. I went into labor about midnight and she was born less than 5 hours later. She was tiny and beautiful and such a blessing.

And she still is.  Not tiny, but a very beautiful blessing.

She is fantastic with small children and animals. She writes very well.  She loves God and other people.  She is an extrovert.

We are very thankful for her.

Happy birthday, Lydia!

Saturday, June 17, 2017


Our smallest boy turned 5 a few weeks ago.

He liked his bubble mower, which makes wonderful sounds and blows bubbles (outside, of course.)

And Rose turned 3 this week.  I took the crew to Young's Dairy, a local ice cream place.

Lydia makes beautiful cakes.  She made both Rose's and Daniel's.

We are thankful for our small people.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

King's Island Day

Once again, we were able to go on our annual trip to King's Island, a fairly local amusement park, thanks to free tickets from the company I work for.  We all went except Rose, who is in a rough stage of running away from Mommy.  Not a good habit in an amusement park. So Kevin's mom graciously stayed home with her for the day.

This tiny little 'roller coaster' is actually a lot of fun.

Our company paid for a face painter to go to the company picnic.  Nice!

It was VERY VERY hot.  Like 90 degrees hot.  At 3 p.m., we went to a circus performance put on by Cirque du Soleil (not sure about spelling.) Very fun and interesting, and cool.

By 5 p.m. we were worn out and went home.  Two days later, Kevin and I are still recovering though the kids are full of vim and vigor!

Wednesday, June 7, 2017


Well, wow, 2 weeks since I posted. That's bad.

So we are healthy again, praise God!  Isaac kept coughing and coughing and finally I took him in. His lungs were a bit wonky so the doctor put him on antibiotics for walking pneumonia.  He is all better now thankfully.

I'm usually the picture taker, not the person getting her picture taken. Kevin took my picture and it turned out well, so here it is.  It is interesting getting 'older'.  I mean, we all are all the time, but I do feel like I'm moving into a new season. No new babies,more than  few gray hairs (though thankfully to lucky genetics, I'm still mostly dark haired), more aches and pains.  It's all Ok.  I just have to adjust.

Try to ignore the horribly dirty window. The cats continue to be SO much fun.  They are cute and rambunctious and sometimes adorably cuddly.  

Lydia got her temporary driving license, which I may have said before. So far she is doing well on the road.

I took all the kids except Isaac (who was sick at the time) to get their eyes checked at the optometrist.  We have 6 kids in glasses.  Today I took all 6 of those kids in to pick up their new glasses, except for Isaac who had to have his old one's repaired.  (He sees the optometrist in a couple of weeks.)  An older gentleman in the office commented, "I hope you have good insurance."

And we do. We are blessed to have a vision insurance that provides one pair of glasses each year.  My own eyes are in great shape. I don't need reading glasses and indeed only need glasses at night.  My night vision isn't the greatest.  Again, getting old, but I'm thankful for my good vision.

I found a mystery series I'm enjoying by a lady named Miranda James. They are called the Cat in the Stacks mysteries.  They are of the 'cozy mystery' genre.  The violence is real but not graphic, the person who dies is always extremely, super, over the top annoying (so you don't really regret he/she is dead) and the main character is interesting and nice.  The solutions to the mysteries aren't brilliant, but they are Ok.

The writing is, in my opinion, better than in most cozy mystery series.

The only issue I have with it is that the main character (a male librarian in his late 50's) is totally mellow and happy about the sexual relationships of various unmarried people in his lives, hetero and homosexual.  He attends church and prays occasionally though there is no discussion of Christ so it isn't a Christian book per se.

It's fine.  It's just noticeable to me that many books accept out of wedlock sex as normal, and while it may be normal in our culture, I don't believe it is wise, right, and/or good for people.  Sex powerfully binds people together and therefore it is something that should be kept for marriage alone.  It creates a strong sense of intimacy, tying people together.  Sometimes people who shouldn't be together. All this, I know, makes my views seem old fashioned these days. I'm cool with that.

Ok, gotta go.  I will try to update more promptly next time.

Oh, this Sunday is the yearly excursion we've all been waiting for, our trip to King's Island!!