Friday, June 28, 2019

Physical Therapy

Kevin has been urging me for some time to work on my back and neck problems.  Years and years of poor posture and holding babies and backpacks on my right side have resulted in years and years of back and neck pain.

I have a wonderful chiropractor and she helps a lot, but reality is that for years I just keep having the same issues.  I'm not in agony or anything and I'm mostly functional, but pain is pain and it is annoying.

I went to see my doc last week, who referred me to a PT place, which turned out to NOT be in network for our insurance.  So I found another place, closer still, which is in network.  I had my initial consult yesterday.

The man is super experienced and he quickly noticed something that no other medical person has checked for. When I duck my chin down and then begin raising it up toward the ceiling, at some point my head suddenly cants to the right. 

I also have very tight muscles along the C2 to C5 vertabrae in my neck.  He asked me more than once if I have tingling or weakness in my extremities and the answer, thankfully, is no.

So he did some work on my poor neck, and gave me some stretches to do every day.  They are easy stretches and don't involve lying on the floor.  Lying on the floor is hard because small people have a strong desire to sit on me when I am doing exercises on the floor.

I am feeling hopeful! 

Thursday, June 20, 2019

This Month's Guilty Pleasure: Total Wipeout

I'm quite a serious person, and I work hard.  One does not get a Ph.D. in engineering unless one works hard or is a genius, and I am not a genius.

Anyway, I realized in the last couple of years that I probably wasn't relaxing and enjoying life quite as much as I should.  It is good to be hard working but it is also good to rest and take pleasure in life's little and big blessings.

I'll discuss big blessings at another time.  Right now, a little blessing. Total Wipeout.

It's a TV show on Amazon Prime which involves competitors trying to make it through a challenging obstacle course; when they fail, and the usually do, they fall into mud pits or into pools of water.  There is a female host who stands around the course making snide comments, and a male host in a comfortable studio who is sarcastic and snarky.

It. Is. Hilarious.  It is family bonding as the kids and I sit around chortling over brave souls falling into mud.

I like Total Wipeout.

Sunday, June 16, 2019


Last month, Daniel turned 7!

And this week, Rose turned 5!

My sweet babies are growing up!

Monday, June 10, 2019

King's Island Day

King's Island Day!  Most of the pictures are of Rose and Daniel and Sarah because Kevin and I spent most of the day with them. The older six were old enough to go off on their own, but not the three littles.

The gang is all here!  Yes, the weather was drizzly.  It rained and showered and drizzled as we drove to King's Island and for the first 2 hours AT King's Island. It was not very wonderful.  After lunch, it cleared up, thankfully!

Rose found the whole concept of 'waiting in line' to be quite a challenge.  Well, she hated it.  She lay down on the ground and howled indignantly more than once.  If I wasn't a very experienced mother, I would have been super embarrassed.  As it was, I sighed and talked her through it.
Anyway, she loved the swings. Short lines and fun.


Tiny roller coaster.

Lunch was sponsored by my company, AND they had face paint artists.

Plus a magician.

This was also much enjoyed by the Rosie One.

There was a petting zoo!

Ok, I have to admit I had never been on this ride and I loved it!  It was very gentle (no hard bumps, which is good for my back) but also fun.

We went on the log ride.  Oh my.  I have been on it many times before and have never, ever gotten nearly this wet.  We were SOAKED.

Cute little ones.

Kevin was indeed here!  He took 99% of the pictures.

Chilly, Wet June Plus Philosophical Ramblings

Where is global warming when you want it?

It has been cool and wet.  This time of year, the high temps each day are generally in the low to mid 80's.  But we've had most days in the 70's lately. Last week, one day the high was in the 60's!

Cool is not a bad thing except where the pool is concerned. It crept up to 79 last week but now that we have several days ahead of us with rain and low temps, it'll drop.


Not that I'm whining.

Ok, maybe I am.

Yesterday's was King's Island Day, when my company nobly sponsors a day at a local amusement park.  We ALL went yesterday, which is the first time all 11 of us have gone in a long time, maybe forever. I can't remember if we took Rose when she was a baby.

I will post pictures of King's Island Day in another post.  Kevin got a new camera and took a bunch of fine pics.

I'm feeling a little melancholy.  I think part of it is fatigue and that I was sick last week with some annoying virus that made my head, neck, and back hurt.  And I was super tired.

The other thing is that a guy I knew from work died a little more than a week ago. I didn't know him well -- he was in his 60's. He was a very friendly man, intelligent, honored and liked.  He just collapsed and died unexpectedly.

He came from a Hindu background.   The funeral was a few days ago and we were all invited, but I didn't attend, partially because of family needs here at home, partially because I was sick, but also partially because I didn't want to possibly participate in a funeral rite I wasn't comfortable with.

The latter was likely something I should NOT have worried about, but the message sent out did mention specific colors of clothing being appropriate for a Hindu funeral/ceremony.  (I am not sure if it was a funeral or a memorial service.)

Funerals are for the living and I didn't know his poor wife and family.  I feel so badly for them.  Most people I know who die were sick ahead of time and it isn't a total shock.  This was very sudden.

I am a Christian.  Hindus and Christians disagree profoundly on the fundamentals of reality.  I mean, both encourage kindness and some other positive traits but Hindus believe in reincarnation, and Christians do not.  Christians believe we need a Savior in the form of Jesus Christ, Hindus do not.

We can't both be right.  Hindus and Christians cannot BOTH be right.

I believe I'm right.  I know I'm right. So this fine man was wrong.

It makes me sad.

We are all sinners, and we all need to be saved by grace.

So yes, I just feel sad for this man and his family.  It's also a reminder that life is ... unexpected.  We may think we have many tomorrows when we don't.

I pray often that the Lord will give me many years so that I can be a good wife and mother.  I'll be honest that I do look forward to Heaven. I have at least 6 children waiting for me there who never survived long enough to be born.  JESUS IS THERE!!!

But I've got a wonderful husband and 9 beautiful children who need me.  So I want and desire a long life.

And yet, life can end so suddenly, as it did for the man at work.

Monday, June 3, 2019

Life With Pictures

Naomi has green hair!

Fat cat!

Daniel is 7.  Our little man is growing up!

Pretty flowers

NEW cat (Milkshake?  Seems like a nice name.)

Naomi and Rose with Fat Cat

Rose looking cute

Two pretty girls

Kevin and I have both been sick with some minor illness. I feel better today.   Mostly I've just been achy and tired with a massive headache (yesterday.)

The Dayton area was hit very hard with the tornadoes on Memorial Day.  It is still amazing the outbreak only resulted in one death.  Beavercreek, which is close to us, had massive tree damage and many houses and apartments were damaged as well. Kevin spent a few hours one day helping chop up tree limbs for someone from work.

I got a call from someone ELSE at work telling me that a high level person in our company died unexpectedly.  So very sad!  I didn't know him well but it is a shock. I think he was maybe early 60's.

We have eye appointments today for 3 kids and are picking up glasses for 3 more.  

I am thankful I feel better than yesterday.