Monday, May 23, 2022

More Sickness

 Kevin ran me off to a Little Clinic at Kroger yesterday as I have having a lot of trouble breathing.  Over the last week my breathing has been getting worse.  I do have asthma that flares with respiratory illnesses, and this time it got away from me.  I was not a happy camper yesterday but the Nurse Practitioner gave me a few helpful prescriptions, sent me off for an X-ray (which ruled out pneumonia) and I am feeling somewhat better.

This time, though, I am going to take my meds faithfully and not overdo it for a day or two.  I find it horribly easy to start running around like a nut when I start feeling better, which then causes me to get worse again.

One great thing is I got a prescription for Xoponex, which is a lot like albuterol except that it has a slight difference in the chemical formula.  Some people have fewer side effects with xoponex and I am one of those people!  Albuterol makes me jittery and my hands and feet tingle terribly.  X seems much more benign. So that is really awesome.

I hate being sick so much. I hate being weak and having to sit around.  However.  I can't help getting sick and praise God for medical care and access to prescription meds.

I hope I really will be better by the end of the week.

Wednesday, May 18, 2022


 I am pretty sick.  It isn't a big deal. It is just a cold.  But I am coping with mild asthma, which only pops its ugly head when I am sick with a respiratory illness.

So the last few days I have been lying around a lot. Now that isn't a big deal.  I have older kids who can help with younger kids, and Kevin is my hero always.  So the house isn't falling apart.

But I am frustrated.  I have a lot to do around the house and I want to get back to my writing, and so on, and so forth...

I am whiny.  

And yet...Saturday, when the girls moved, I was in pretty good shape even though Friday was bad. It was a hot day and the girls moved into a 3 story apartment.  I was able to climb up and down stairs with boxes all day and my asthma wasn't bad at all.  

Their new apartment is very nice, by the way.  But the third floor was definitely tiring!

Anyway, we got them  moved, and Sunday I was well enough to go to church, which was also awesome, and Monday I woke up coughing and asthmatic and Tuesday the same, and today, well, so far so good. The biggest issue is talking.  If I talk, I cough, and if I cough, my asthma flares up. So it has been "quiet Mom" for a couple of days.

I do think I am getting better but it is slow going. So annoying!

I take feeling well for granted. I take being able to do stuff for granted.

I have a friend who is only a couple years older than me who is battling cancer. I have an acquaintance at least 20 years younger than me who has cancer and has been battling it for literally a decade.

I should be...I AM...thankful for good health most of the time.

A big part of it is that I don't think I am pulling my own weight, because I am not, but actually I am, because I am sick, so I am doing the best I can.


I am sure I will be better soon.

Friday, May 13, 2022

St. Croix, and Crazy Week, and Sickness, and Moving, and...

 I know it has been quite a while since I posted. Kevin and I went to St. Croix for 9 days and had a glorious time. We got back in the wee hours on Mother's Day.  My parents came over for a few days to hang with the children, and we had a Mother's Day brunch here before my parents headed home.

Kevin took a million awesome pictures in St. Croix.  I will post some later.  He always likes to work on them and he hasn't had time.

Because... it has been an INSANE week. We had doctor appointments and a final exam for Joseph at his college and this and that.  Wow.  We were dashing around all day doing various things.

Then I got sick with a cold. It is JUST a cold (I even took an at home COVID test and it was negative) but still, I feel really tired and my breathing is a little bit off and my throat annoys me and I am coughing a bit.


Also, this weekend, Lydia and Naomi are moving into another apartment. Lydia has a job thirty minutes from their current apartment so they are moving closer to Lydia's job.

Random pictures of kids.

Sarah is 11 and has been growing rapidly. She is now over 5 ft. 5 inches tall.  Given that she is just entering puberty, we rather expect her to grow quite a bit more. She might finally be the Kendig daughter to pass me up!  I am 5 ft. 8 inches tall.

Hmmm, what else?  I have been writing a series of Golden Daffodil short stories, based on one of my Pride and Prejudice variations. We are going to publish them fairly soon.

It has been nuts around here and rather stressful.  Part of being diligent and focused and getting stuff done, for me, is anxiety.  I need to continue to work on making lists and accomplishing things without getting all uptight.

Oh, Rose is reading pretty well now. So hooray on that!

More later!

Monday, April 25, 2022

Art, Cats, Hot Tub, and Skunk


We have a new (to us) hot tub!  Obviously there is a story about that!  We bought a little one from Sam's Club last autumn. Since we had never had a hot tub before, we weren't sure if we would use it or enjoy it. Answer was that we loved it.  It is in use almost every day. Given the size of our family, we decided to look into purchasing a bigger, nicer hot tub. This one was for sale about 100 miles from us. Kevin and I drove up, looked it over, and decided to buy it. The previous owner kindly transported it down to us for a reasonable fee.  Then a few neighbors helped Kevin and our big boys get it into our sun room.

It has special electrical needs so that has to be sorted out.

Opal is cute in her box.

Her leg is cute too.

Angela did this.  Like all my daughters, she is a self taught artist. She got interested in paint some time ago and has taught herself how to make amazing pictures.  This is a green gift bag.  I think it is incredible.

Isaac is a big believer in adequate Vitamin D.  Also, Moonbeam likes to sit on him.

Last but not least, let's talk skunks!  There has been a faint whiff of skunk in the air the last week.  Well, sometimes it is more than faint; sometimes it hits us straight in the nostrils and is a most unpleasant experience.  We think a skunk is living under our big deck.

A few days ago, Kevin and I were in the hot tub and I looked out to observe a skunk wandering vaguely around the pool.  I was like, um, Kevin?  Skunk in the pool area.

I mean, what can you do about a skunk?  You scare it and it sprays and you are stinky for weeks!

Then yesterday morning some of the kids were feeling sick so we decided to stay home from church. I got up to find Rose up and raring to go. She wanted to go for a walk out back.  I'm like, cool, good idea.

We were all the way in the back, just starting toward the house, when I heard rustling in a bush very near me.  I expected one of the cats was hanging out and looked over expectantly but...

Dum dum DUM!!!!!


I am 52 and I don't run very often, but I ran for my life.  Well, I ran to save myself being noxiously odiferous.

"Rose, run, run!!!" I cried.

She did, with enthusiasm. She is young and limber and lithe.

We didn't get sprayed, but it made me less excited about walking our back three acres if I am going to find skunks wandering around like they own the place!

Yesterday Kevin bought mothballs and put them at the entrance holes under our deck. We are hoping that will chase the skunk away.  Skunks supposedly don't like mothballs.

So that's our skunk(s) story.

So far...

Saturday, April 16, 2022

Miscellaneous Pictures of Our Family Life

Jet is cute.

Rose and outdoor cats are cute.

Opal is cute.

Rose is cute. Also, this is slime blown up with a straw.  

Opal likes Isaac and Isaac likes Opal.

Impressive, most impressive.

Even bigger!

Miriam and Angela made carrot cupcakes.  Yummy!

Jet likes to suck on Joseph's blanket.

Outdoor art.

Indoor architecture.

Kite flying.

Sarah reading about Israel from our monthly box from Universal Yums, a subscription service.

Outdoor cats cute.

More outdoor art.


REALLY Good-bye to the RV


So it is on its way out right now!

The truck is not sold. I know what I said in my last post, but the person backed out.  That is a little annoying BUT it is Ok; maybe we will just hang onto it for another month or so.  Our big girls are moving to a new apartment in a month and the truck will make moving them easier.

Kevin is happy to have this done; there is a fair amount of work involved in selling something big.

It is wet and drizzly today. It has been wet a lot.  And it has been cold.  The average temps are down from a normal April.  Yesterday was delightfully warm and sunny but it was also super windy.  I am looking forward to May, when it will definitely be warmish most days.  On the other hand, the chiggers will start hatching (or spawning, or whatever chiggers do) in the hopes of biting me.  So there are nice things about cooler temperatures!

I decided that next week will be a week off from normal school.  The big boys are finishing up their college work, and there is a bunch of stuff that needs done around the house.  Miriam and Angela are very "in" to art, so I have no doubt they will spend hours doing artwork, which is educational as well.

Sunday, April 10, 2022


 To our RV and truck!

Two sets of people came over this morning. The first wanted our truck, and the second our RV.  Money hasn't actually exchanged hands (except for a holding fee for the RV) but both seem serious. So we will soon bid good-bye to both.

I feel a little sad about the RV; it was a place where Kevin and I could sneak away when the kids were younger. But they are older now, and less noisy.  Still plenty noisy at times, but we can tell them to go away and they do!

When we need some time alone, I mean.

One thing I think about often is simplicity. When we own something large, it requires maintenance, it requires insurance, etc.  So the RV takes work.  So does the truck.

Here is something funny about the truck; we have put 500 miles on it in 4 years. WOW!

Naomi even drove it to work for a few months, but work was only a few miles away.

Anyway, this will make our lives less complicated, and we will have money to put in the bank, which is a good thing.