Sunday, September 15, 2019

Hot September, Hard Week

First, some pics

Kevin changed the oil in one of the cars with Daniel's enthusiastic assistance.

I bought slime. The kids love slime.

I bought generic Wiki Sticks. The kids love Wiki Sticks

Blue eyed girl

Naomi in her work shirt.

After a cool couple of weeks it got hot hot hot!  Like mid 80's to low 90's this week!  We spent a lot of time in the pool, which was delightful.

So it was a hard week.  I don't even really know why except that I'm just tired mentally and somewhat physically.  We have an illness going around, and that was part of it. Poor Angela lost her voice for 2 and a half days!  Like it was gone. She also had a horrible sore throat.  Several other kids also had bad throats, though not AS bad. I took Angela to the doctor and it wasn't strep throat so that is good.

So yeah, I'm just tired.  The last few days I gave myself time to write several chapters of a Star Wars fanfiction that leaped into my mind.  I really enjoy writing.  It's soothing and fun.  Sometimes I feel guilty about taking the time but I think the mental health aspect is important.

And...people are yelling.  Bye!

Monday, September 2, 2019

Raising Children is Hard Work

I was right, last week was tough.  Several medical appointments and lots of running around, which meant that when I was home I was trying to catch up with housework and school and all that jazz.

My thyroid ultrasound was encouraging. I do have a couple of nodules but apparently they aren't big enough to worry about.

I took Joseph in for his well teen appointment on Tuesday morning. The doctor hemmed and hawed over his spine and finally said he thought an x-ray was in order. The result is that he has mild scoliosis, a 13 degree curve.  They don't do anything, apparently, before 15 degrees.  If Joseph is nearly done growing probably he is Ok.  Is he?  We don't know. He is 5 ft. 10 inches and has leaped 3 or 4 inches in height in the last year, so maybe?  He will be retested in 6 months but if he grows like crazy in the next few months I will ask them to check him in 3 months or so.

Naomi has been working for 3 or 4 weeks at the local Goodwill.  It is a new store with insufficient employees so she has been working a lot of hours.

Lydia started her second year of community college.  So far it has been fairly mellow but it is merely the calm before the storm. She has a practicum where she works at a child care center but the powers that be are still getting it organized. Once that starts, she'll be gone a lot from home.

The younger kids are doing homeschooling as well.

This week I felt exhausted mentally.  It is really not easy for me to parent 9 kids easily.  Truly, parenting is challenging.  For some it is easier than others.  I know I'm an intellectual and tend toward anxiety (though Lexapro helps) and while I'm a good mom, I'm not sure it comes naturally.  I THINK a lot.

Of course, 9 children constitutes a large family. But I don't care if someone has one child or 3 or 9 or 15.  Children are hard work. 

I think there is a cultural expectation that adults should be able to parent well AND...

And have a high powered successful job.

And serve the church.

And serve the disadvantaged.

And enjoy many hobbies.

And write the next great novel.

And so on. 

I'm sure some people can do all these things. But some people, like me, need most of their energy and time to be a good spouse and parent.  I truly don't have much left at the end of the day.

Our kids will grow older and they will spread their wings and fly and there will be a less vigorous season in our future.

But right now, raising children is hard work.

(I should add, glorious, wonderful, God given work. I love it.  I just refuse to be ashamed that it takes most of me to do it well.)

Random Pictures of our family (and a small cow)

Cute Daniel

Mama Shark, doo doo doo do do do doo

Nice box with an Angela

Nice flowers with a Rose

Young's Dairy 

Small cow at Young's Dairy

Rose is cute.  I love her.

Monday, August 26, 2019

Star Wars Holiday Special

I'm an original trilogy Star Wars enthusiast.  In fact, I love it so much that for a long season I didn't engage in the Star Wars fandom because God pointed out I loved it too much.  But a few years ago, He gave me the green light to go back to being a reasonable Star Wars fan.

So yeah, I love Star Wars. Original trilogy. The prequels are Ok. The latest are dreadful.

Kevin had a treat for me a few days ago. He brought me downstairs and found the 1979 Star Wars Holiday Special on youtube and we watched it.

Ok, so I loathe the Last Jedi, the last Star Wars film, for myriad reasons. But after watching the SW Holiday Special, I have to admit that the Last Jedi looks slightly (very very slightly) better.

The Holiday Special is awful beyond words.  Wow. I mean, wow.  I mean, who came up with this ridiculous show?  Well, partly the answer is the writers of the Carol Burnett show, actually.

The first 10 minutes of the show involve three Wookiees interacting and roaring to each other without subtitles. It doesn't get any better after that.

It is hideous, so hideous that it is glorious.

So thank you, Kevin, for expanding my universe to include the dreadfulness that is the Star Wars Holiday Special.

Intimidating Week

I am intimidated. This week is full of appointments.  Last week I nobly went in to have some medical scan to to check for artery blockages.  Mostly the results were great.  The technician doing the test said I would probably win "lowest blood pressure" for the day. The higher number (systolic?  diastolic? ) was 90.

I have low blood pressure.

BUT they did find nodules in my thyroid.  That's not uncommon but my family has a history of thyroid issues so this morning I am going in for a more detailed ultrasound of my thyroid.

I also have well child appointments for two kids who just had birthdays.  Naomi has a bunch of dental stuff on Thursday also, but that's her deal. She can drive herself and it is glorious.

She has been working full time at Goodwill. It is nice they are giving her so many hours.  She is walking a ton -- lots of exercise!

I'm working a few hours today and Friday morning. 

So yes, busy week.  But busy is a blessing. 

Last Wednesday, we had all 4 vehicles busy at once.  We rarely use our giant diesel truck (which can haul the 5th wheel) but Naomi drove it work so Lydia and I could run off and do our own things.  I drove it back from work as I needed to drop the kids off at Goodwill and then Naomi ran them and herself to youth group on Wednesday evening.


This may not sound impressive to many families.  I know a lot of parents that are running around all the time.  It doesn't work well for me. I'm sure by the end of this week I will be slightly bug eyed with stress. I like being home, and the family rhythm tends to deteriorate somewhat when I'm gone a lot.  BUT it is just a week.

In other news, it was a year ago that we lost our last baby to miscarriage and I discovered I needed an urgent hysterectomy.  It was a hard time and I'm very thankful that I had the surgery and recovered well.

And its my blog so I can say this; I am thankful I can pee normally.  I had a bladder injury and a catheter for 10 days post surgery and then picked up a urinary tract infection (not a huge surprise with a catheter) and the whole thing was really rough.  I still appreciate that my bladder works well now. Thank you, Lord!

Friday, August 16, 2019

Thankful for Socks

I've been meaning to write a short blog post on being thankful for material possessions like socks.

Socks are quite boring unless one is truly excited about socks. I am not.  I like them comfy and without holes, but I'm no fashionista.

But because we live in the United States and because Kevin has a good job and because we live in the days of internet...

I can buy socks on Amazon any old time I want.  And we can afford it.

This. Is. A. Blessing.

I spent 3 years in a third world country as a child. I have seen true poverty. There are people in THIS country who struggle to buy socks.

So yes, I am thankful for Amazon, and money, and socks.