Saturday, January 17, 2015

Disliking a Kid's Book...

Sometimes I feel very heroic.  Like now.

Let me explain.

Our local library has a truly glorious set of online features. One is a BookFlix option where the little children can watch animated features of many children's books.  The animation is very simple and the words are from the actual children's book.

It has been great, honestly. I know I should be reading out loud to the little ones, but it is hard to find the time.  And Daniel, at age 2, would rather grab any book I'm holding than listen to me read to him.

So every morning, Daniel and Sarah watch these books.

There are literally dozens of options.  I like Giggle Giggle Quack. I like Click Clack Moo. I like Curious George and the Bicycle.  I like Stars Stars Stars.  I like Planting a Rainbow, and Inch by Inch.

But the kids found a book I don't like, called Happy Birthday, Moon. And of course, they LOVE it.  As in, they want to watch it over and over and over again love it.

There is nothing evil about this book.  It is just dumb.  The person reading it out loud has a voice that annoys me.  So it is painful listening to it a couple of times a day.  Now you may think, "Can't Laraba just go to another room?"  Short answer, no.  Our main kids' computer is broken and Kevin and Naomi (our budding computer fixing prodigy) are working on fixing it.

So Daniel watches his BookFlix books on the main computer.  I have the book in a small window and I'm writing this blog post while it plays.  After I finish this, I'll work on homeschool preparation for next week.

So I'm sort of stuck.  I'm heroic.  I love my kids.

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Sarah Heywood said...

This made me laugh! Yes, you are very, very heroic, Laraba!