Monday, September 26, 2016

Ace, the Raccoons, and new pictures

So sad news first, Ace has disappeared. We live in a rural area and many people have outdoor cats, so we hope he just decided someone else's cat food was preferable to ours.  We haven't seen him in 2 days, and he was hanging around diligently before that, so yeah, looks like he has moved on.  We haven't "found him" in the road, so that's good.

And we have new raccoons, at least 2.  One is kind of small, and one is enormous.  These raccoons are such a pain. A friend visited on Friday and she saw one ducking under our deck as she parked.  So yeah, they are living under our deck.  No surprise there, it is a great place for critters.

Here are some cute pictures from the last week or so.

Kevin took the 3 littles on a lawn tractor ride. They loved it.

Rose is just adorable.

Daniel LOVES his daddy.  

This isn't cute, this is impressive. This, my friends, is baklava!  It took awhile to make but oh, it is delicious. I just ate one small bite as it is not advisable for a diabetic, but everyone else is crazy about it.

And again, Rose is cute.

Alert people may notice I changed the name of my blog to Laraba's Blog.  It used to be Laraba's Homeschool Blog. I'll still talk homeschooling on occasion, but this is a blog about other things so yeah, I changed it.

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