Saturday, October 29, 2016

Improving our Entry Room

We have names for most of the rooms in our house. Some aren't amazingly applicable.  We call a room between our kitchen and family room "the breakfast room" though we don't eat breakfast there.

A tiny room between the master bedroom and bathroom is the "sewing room" which is Kevin's idea of a joke. Because I'm not good at sewing.  I actually have used the sewing machine in that room 2 or 3 times in 11 years.  Is that enough for that to be a good name?

Anyway...entry room.  It's the room directly in from the garage, so a fine enough name.  It is more aptly called a computer room, as we have 3 computers in there.

Until a few days ago, 1 computer was on a normal desk, one computer was on a tall, gangly, old computer desk, and the last was on a weird little baby desk.  It was tall enough for an adult, but small in size with an awkward rod such that sitting comfortably was difficult.

We also had a big bookcase in there until recently, but that went downstairs, along with an identical bookcase that was in our main hall.

That was rather a job.  I had to unload a bazillion books. Good news is that I could think about which books I really wanted to keep. I got rid of over 100 books from our bookshelves, which was a major accomplishment.

Back to the entry room:



Kevin bought plywood, painted it with some clever substance, and installed them on L brackets.  Now we have a wonderful space for our computers, and way more leg room.

We moved the old, semi decrepit computer desk into the family room one evening after the little ones were in bed.  I predicted, correctly, that they would be enthralled with it. Yes indeed, it was their own private jungle gym for several hours one morning. I finally got nervous that someone was going to fall and crack his or her head open so...

I flipped it over.  And the kids thought THAT was great too.

The desk was hauled out by strong people and now we have our family room available again.  Here, Rose and "Pikwin" (Penguin) are taking a "nap".

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