Friday, February 2, 2018

It's a New (Used) Car!

Lydia is a brand new driver!

And we bought a 2016 Toyota Corolla last week for both girls to drive.

I've never been a parent who thought their children 'deserved' a new car at 16.  Indeed, I have always thought that a ridiculous point of view given that cars are expensive and kids' insurance is higher on new cars.

BUT, we decided that the old car that Naomi was driving, a 2003 Civic, wasn't nearly as safe as a newer model.  Tremendous strides have been made in safety the last 15 years.  More air bags, improved crash protection, rear backup camera...

So yes, we decided to buy a safer car.  Which is red.  Now our fleet of cars includes 2 red cars, 1 red minivan, and a silver 15 passenger van.

It's been an expensive year + what with one thing and another.  We bought the Pacifica for me, the Corolla for the girls, orthodontia for 3 kids, decking, and no doubt other things I am forgetting.  And of course we eat a lot.  Our grocery bills went up last year as Isaac in particular did his classic "I'm a teen boy with a hollow leg" thing.

All this is to say I am very thankful for Kevin's job.  It pays well and we are able to care for our large family well.

And congrats to Lydia!

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