Monday, January 7, 2019

Pushing Down on the Accelerator of Life

It is Monday, January 7th, and life is moving back into normal.  The last few weeks were quite pleasant with much time at home, and much time with Kevin. He starts a new position today at the base with is exciting and a little challenging because he has to figure out his job.

I have 2 doctor appointments for kids this week, plus 2 afternoons of work (that's normal enough.)  All together, it will be a busy week for us.  We started school back up today for the middle 6 kids.  Naomi and Lydia go back to college next week.

Sarah (age 8) and Daniel (age 6) are making good progress with reading, which is a delight. Sarah is no surprise given her age and general intelligence.  Daniel, I have to admit, is quite startling given that is a young boy.  As I've said before, his brothers were older when they learned to read well.

Sarah read a story from "George and Martha" to Rose this week, which was sweet.

We are attending a new church in the nearby city of Kettering.  It's a small congregation which has just acquired a humongous building that some other church was selling off.  A youth pastor who is a friend of ours is starting up a children and youth ministry there.  It's a good thing.  The senior pastor loves Jesus and that's the most important thing.  His theology is sound.  

Well, two little girls want me!

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