Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Have I mentioned...

that our dishwasher is broken?

Yep, it went out about a week ago.

We called immediately to have a repairman come out (we have an extended warranty.)

We had to wait until Tuesday morning of this week (yesterday.)

As I totally expected, the repairman came (with his female coworker -- which was unusual as most repairmen seem to be male) and poked around for a while, only to announce that he didn't have the necessary part to fix it.

So it is being ordered.  And we still don't have  dishwasher.

It is not HUGE in the grand scheme of things, but with 11 people the dishes pile up quickly.

In the interests of helping me have a good attitude, I will note that my mother in law is having a problem with her drains so that her dishwasher and shower and clothes washer are all problematic right now.  That puts our little dishwasher issue in perspective.

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