Thursday, June 2, 2016

Naomi has her driver's license!

  Naomi took and passed her driver's license exam yesterday!  We have a newly minted driver!!

  It is exciting and a bit nerve wracking to have a new driver.  But she will do fine -- she is a cautious driver and we've spent many hours on the road practicing.  It is just normal, I guess, to be nervous when setting a child loose for the first time. She went on 2 solo trips yesterday and both went great; the second she had to negotiate an accident scene and did so with aplomb.

  The picture was staged, just so you know. The little guy in the helmet and his older sister just wanted to climb in the car for the picture.  Naomi didn't drive the littles anywhere as they don't know how to be quiet, and we require that siblings in the car be quiet while Naomi is driving.

  Actually, Daniel (age 4) is about as bad a backseat driver as he possibly could be. Last week, I drove him and Sarah to the eye doctor and he kept saying things like, "Look at that car!  We're going to crash!"


  Many congratulations to our eldest for her hard work to get her license.


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