Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Health Update

6 months ago, I went in for my biannual diabetes check and discovered my A1c had popped up from 5.6 to 6.1.  I honestly wasn't surprised as I'd been more laid back about eating the previous 3 months, which is what A1c measures.

My doctor wasn't very disturbed.  An A1c of 6.1 is quite reasonable for a diabetic.  On the other hand, I'm only in my 40's and have already been living with this stupid disease for 12 known years.  One of the difficult things about diabetes is that I could be racking up subtle damage for decades before real, obvious problems show up. I don't want that.

So I looked over my life and saw two basic issues.  Too much dark chocolate. Not enough metformin.  The latter is the oral medication I use.  I kept forgetting it at dinner, though not breakfast.

So yeah, for 6 months I've been cutting back on dark chocolate and taking my medication more faithfully and my A1c was back down to 5.6 as of last week.  So that is good news.

I've gained a little weight.  5 lbs, to be exact. That isn't a huge deal except that I'm not someone who gains weight readily.  AND, I've been on Lexapro, my anti anxiety med, for less than a year.  Weight gain is common on Lexapro.  It is NOT a big deal, but I am just keeping an eye on it. As the doctor said, I don't want to be up 5 lbs every 6 months from here on out :-).

I am not a stress eater. In fact, when I'm very stressed I tend not to eat.  So I'm guessing feeling more mellow about life has resulted in an increased appetite.

Lexapro continues to work quite well for me.  My doctor and I talked about cutting my dose as I have been more tired and there is that pesky minor weight gain...

And then I went home on a Monday morning, got here at 8:30 a.m., and had an insane morning with the little ones that nearly drove me around the bend, even on Lexapro.  So yeah, I'll stick with my current dose 'til Rose is calmer.

Her latest crime?  Dumping salt.  She loves dumping water and now has discovered the joys of dumping salt. THAT GIRL.  I love her.  I love them all.  But I'm going to just say it, she's a Terrible Two. And a Tiny Tornado of Terror.

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