Sunday, August 7, 2016

I Officially Like Texting

I was worried a bit about texting.  I have lived without a Smartphone, and texting, for all my life. My concern was that it would sort of "take over my life" in that I would hear the phone beep at me and feel like I had to find out who was contacting me.  In actual fact, I keep my phone in my purse and I hardly ever hear it.

AND, I was right.  There are people out there who really like to text, and who text often, and having a Smartphone makes it easier for me to stay in touch. I like that.

I will say the whole lack of a keyboard is still annoying but I'm adapting.  I understand why texts are usually pretty short.  Usually no one bothers with a bunch of niceties.  Questions and comments are short and to the point. Because there is no keyboard.

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