Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Miscellaneous Rambling and Pictures

Kevin mowed our back field.  Yes, we have a tractor!

I got crazy and bought a helium tank so we could blow up helium balloons.  So much fun.

We have a new computer!  This brings our "fleet" up to 7 computers.  The entry room has 4, obviously.

3 sweet girls.

Lydia, our cat whisperer.  (The weather was lovely yesterday, when this was taken.)

Isaac plays so well with Daniel.  Sarah was tired.

                In more serious news, Ohio State University was the site of an apparent terrorist attack a few days ago.  The attack took place outside Watts Hall, which is where Kevin spent much time when he was in Ceramic Engineering at OSU, 25 years ago.  I'm so thankful that the injured students will apparently be Ok, physically at least.  As for the attacker -- I am very thankful a security officer shot him before he could harm anyone else. But oh, how sad. How sad to be 18 and so deluded as to think that God wanted him to harm and kill.  (This is assuming the attacker was in fact motivated by ISIS beliefs, which seems likely.)

                  There has been substantial discussion lately about the election and the reality that Clinton won the popular vote but lost the election.  I agree, it is nuts.  I really think the electoral college needs to go.  But reality is, the election took place under the "rules" of the electoral college. The campaign was waged with the idea that swing states was where it was all at.  If popular vote was the method by which the president was chosen, then the campaigning would have been carried out differently by all candidates.  I do think it is unfair that voters in large states effectively have less influence than those in small states.  But to look at this election NOW and say the electors should change their votes doesn't make sense either.  The methodology of the electoral college effects voting patterns and campaigning.

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