Friday, February 17, 2017

Appointments, appointments, everywhere!

The last two weeks have been tiring!

One of the challenges of a large family is medical appointments.  We had dental appointments for 8 of the children in the last couple of weeks. Oh, and I got my teeth cleaned too.  I took Lydia to the local place where one gets temporary driving permits.  She didn't pass the test the first time, and the testing facility was closed the second time.  We just got her a $10 ID card, which is good. She'll be going to Hawaii in less than 2 weeks with my parents, and having a photo ID seems like a good thing.

I keep reminding myself how blessed we are to have access at medical and dental care. And we can afford to fill our kids' teeth when needed.

I feel tired.  The house tends to fall apart more rapidly when I am gone a lot.

First world, problems, Laraba. First world problems!!

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