Thursday, February 9, 2017

Still Tired

This stinking illness is lingering.

I saw my doctor 2 days ago for my diabetes checkup. She said there is an illness going around (the one I have apparently) that takes a long time to recover from.

I am just tired a lot.  I am used to fatigue but this is really annoying, because if I don't get a nap I just feel like falling over by evening.

Ok, diabetes check. I had my A1c check and it was 5.2!  That is really great. I haven't been that low since I was diagnosed back in 2004.  I haven't been doing anything too amazing lately so I'm a bit at a loss about why it has dropped so much. But I won't complain. I have been exercising a bit more, and I've been eating more salads.  Is that it?

Anyway, we'll see how I am doing in 6 months.

Rose continues to be a terror, bless her little heart. Ah, the joys of being 2.  I was reading a blog post by conservative commentator Matt Walsh.  He has 3 year old twins, and he wrote a hysterical post about his little ones in the back seat of his minivan arguing and asking a bazillion questions. I could relate.  But then the people commenting said things like, 'Oh yes, 3 years is even more challenging than age 2.'

And I thought, dear Lord in Heaven, please help Rose to mellow by the time she is 3.  Because she's a little firecracker now.

It's all good. She's wonderful and healthy and strong willed.

Actually, the three littles have been extra challenging this week. They are a little sick so are no doubt crankier. I can understand.

Now for our BIG NEWS.  Kevin and I are going to the Caribbean in a few months to celebrate our 20th anniversary!!  So very exciting.  Kevin is pulling all the details together.

It should be a really wonderful time. We're going to stay in St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands, in a cottage by the beach.

My sweet parents will watch the children, and Kevin's mom will watch our house and kitties.

So that's something to look forward to.

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