Saturday, July 29, 2017

The Rose

And just like that, this beautiful little lady is mostly potty trained. She is doing GREAT.  From clueless to an adept in one short month. We're so proud of her!

  She's also calmer and safer than she used to be. I say that because yesterday she had a really bad day, and reverted to her crazy ways, and it made me realize that she is generally wiser and more careful of her personal safety!

I took her to the library with 2 other kids mid afternoon and she was a total terror there, running all over and getting into stuff.  Later in the day, I hid in the bathtub enjoying a long epsom salt bath while our competent older girls took care of her.  In addition to other ballistic behavior, our sweet girl leaped from the top step into Lydia's arms when Lydia was chasing her up the stairs.

But as I said, she's usually calmer now (that kind of behavior was an all day, every day thing 6 months ago.)

Of course, we always love and adore and enjoy her, but I am appreciative of her new maturity in a number of areas.

And yes, we may have purchased our LAST box of diapers from Sam's Club. I just can't even wrap my mind around the wonder of THAT.

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