Saturday, July 29, 2017

It Begins

School for the year, that is.

This week, the children will start a very slow, gentle dive back into the waters of homeschooling.

Now that's poetic, isn't it?

The two youngest studying rocks.  We have lots of educational things around so the kids learn even when we're not in the throes of school, of course.

But yes, this week we will be starting math up as well as a little assigned reading.  That's all. The next week, more.  And more, until we should be up to full schedule by the beginning of September.

Naomi's school this year will mostly be at Clark State, a local community college.  She's studying New Media, which is a series of classes focused on digital media on the internet.  I think.

She has already taken 3 classes at Clark State and has A's in all of them.  She's a hard worker, and smart.  This fall will be the first time she has close to a full load so it'll be challenging but I am sure she'll do fine.

Lydia will take a one credit class this fall and then a freshman English class in the spring.

And everyone else will be taught entirely at home.  This year I have 7 school aged children which amazes me, since Sarah is now legal school age.

Let the homeschool year BEGIN!

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Lana said...

Happy Back to School Day!