Wednesday, August 30, 2017

My Dad's Surgery

  Sunday afternoon, my dad had an emergency appendectomy.  It came out of the blue, really. Saturday night at 8 p.m. he suddenly felt sick, like really really sick. He was miserable all night.  My mother firmly took him to the ER on Sunday, and within a few hours he had been diagnosed, prepped, operated on, and was in his room.

  We are very thankful for good outcome for him!

  And here is the "God" part.  I will give the Lord the glory for this!

 A week or so BEFORE my father's surgery, our neighbor's 3 children suddenly showed up on our doorstep asking if Lydia could come next door to watch them as their father was sick with, you guessed it, possibly appendicitis.

  Lydia and I went over and sure enough, our neighbor was in pain and misery and was about to drive off for a CAT scan.  I offered to drive him but he said no, he could make it so long as he was sure the kids were Ok.

  And it WAS appendicitis, and he was operated on that day.

  So I mentioned this is an email to my parents, and my mother thought of appendicitis when Dad got so sick so suddenly.

  What are the chances of that?

 And to make things even more bizarre, our neighbor's nephew had come down with appendicitis a couple of weeks before he took ill with it! So our neighbor had possible appendix problems on his mind.

  We live in a world with sickness.  I am so thankful that we have good medical care in our country and that people with appendicitis can be operated on and saved.

And I'm very thankful my daddy is Ok.

P.S.  I just remembered that for Five in a Row this week, we are reading "Madeline", which is about a little girl with appendicitis!  She was in the hospital 10 days  in the book. My dad was released within 24 hours of surgery. How times have changed...

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