Thursday, December 7, 2017

Pearl Harbor Day

A date which will live in infamy.

Ok, that's my history for the day.  Strange to think that it has been 76 years since the lives of U. S. Citizens changed so abruptly as our country entered World War II.

So how are we doing? Well, as is all too common in winter, we are enduring an illness.  Some coughing, lots of drainage, and Rose threw up all over Kevin yesterday.

He mostly laughed about it.  That's the advantage of being a super experienced parent.  We've been there and done that.  Who cares about vomit?  Or poop even?  I mean yes, lots of cleaning and all, but we're pretty mellow.

We had a few very warm days this December and kids played outside a lot. But now it is reasonably cold.

The kids decorated the tree for me, which was awesome.  I'm not at all OCD about ornaments. I'm very much "whatever" about their placement. This year, with Rose being 3, we have had better luck with fragile ornaments down low.

Our kitten Mocha has grown a lot.  She found this lovely warm spot on the deck to hang out.  Our new deck is a warm spot as it is south facing.  We often have a conglomeration of cats out there.

Lydia is out driving with a certified instructor right now.  That's a legal requirement in Ohio if a teen wants to get her license before age 18.  So she is 16, and we are hoping she'll get her license soon.  In my day, driver's ed was taught by the schools but nowadays it is private and rather expensive.

Like a total of $450 or so.

It isn't a huge problem for us, but I'm sure for some parents it is rather onerous.  Of course, a teen can wait until age 18.  The thing I DO like is that the requirements for driver's licenses are much tighter than when I was a teen.  Lydia has to do 50 hours of driving with either me or Kevin, and 10 of those hours have to be at night. Then she also has this 8 hours of driving with a certified instructor.  I was thrown out onto the roads with only a couple of hours of practice.  My dad worked with me after I got my license, and I was super grateful for that as I wasn't a good enough driver at 16. 

Naomi will be full time at Clark State next semester and Lydia will be taking a 3 credit class at Clark State as well. If Lydia can drive herself, life will be easier.

Of course there are nerves but Lydia is a good driver and a careful one.  And I pray for her and Naomi.

So, the Christmas season.  I've scaled back on Christmas through the years.  I'm not someone who really enjoys decorating and going all out.  And with a large family and homeschooling, I choose not to spend a ton of time on it.  But we do have a tree, and decorations, and presents, and a nativity set that is truly precious to me.

We don't do Santa and never have.  This is a topic that shows up on Facebook Christian mom boards fairly often.  Is Santa good?  OK?  Bad?

I'm with the 'bad' camp since telling your kids that Santa is real is, bluntly, a lie.  But then other people have said it was a precious and fun time of childhood. Obviously everyone is different. I've always been a very black and white person and I love truth. So I'm glad my parents never did Santa or the tooth fairy or the Easter Bunny.

Some kids loved that stuff and grew up and never had a problem with the stories.  So yes, children are have different personalities and feelings about such things,  which is cool.

But I literally told our babies in the WOMB that Santa was pretend :-).

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Sarah Heywood said...

Yeah - no Santa here, either. Today I had to take Lizzie in to the dr. and Ellie had to go with us since she is too untrustworthy to leave at home with Ben. The nurse asked her something about Santa and she got this very awkward look on her face and then looked at me for direction in how to answer - it's happened with every kid at some time or another. Life would be a lot easier this time of year if the kids DID believe in Santa.

You can lose the weight! I totally get it. I've been naturally slender my entire life and have terrible eating habits. Now I'm almost 47 and things aren't coming so natural anymore. I'm still the same weight I've been for the past decade, but things are "settling" and I'm not liking that.

Merry Christmas to the Kendigs!