Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother's Day

We just got back from vacation in Michigan. I will post about the trip, but today I'm going to briefly talk about Mother's Day.

We very rarely have all the kids in one place so it was fun snapping this picture yesterday.  What a wonderful crew!

I'm reading a book by a woman whose first child was born at 24 weeks gestation.  I feel very thankful this day that I had 9 healthy pregnancies, all full term. Yes, I have had some challenges with 6 C-sections and diabetes in the mix, but I never had high blood pressure and none of our kids have serious disabilities.  It is really amazing.  I know of course that every child has value and a child with major disabilities is just as valuable as a child without challenges -- but certainly as a mom of a large family, I am VERY thankful the kids are healthy.

My mother worked with the kids to make Mother's Day cards.  They are so sweet!

And here is my Mother's Day present -- a new Kindle.  Oooh, ahhh, ooohhh, I love a new Kindle!

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