Saturday, May 28, 2016

Our Little Guy is 4!

Daniel turned 4 this week.

We went to a local ice cream place/farm the morning of his birthday, which was fun for all.

Ice cream.  This place has about 50 flavors and everyone enjoyed their cones/bowls of ice cream.

Feeding the goats.

Baby cow.

Standing on big tires.

Playing on a stationary, elderly tractor.

And here is the necessary cake.  

Daniel, at age 4, is a delightful little fellow. He has his moments of being challenging, of course, but in general he is a happy, bouncy, enthusiastic little boy who delights our hearts 95% of  the time.  His little sister, while equally awesome, throws a lot more tantrums so...I'm hoping that as Rose grows, she mellows out to be like Daniel is now :-).

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Lana said...

The perfect birthday outing for a 4 year old boy!!! Happy birthday Daniel!