Friday, May 13, 2016

Trip to Michigan

I just realized that I don't have that many pictures of the KIDS, because Lydia was taking pictures on her camera and I was too busy chasing kids to take pictures at the zoo on Tuesday.  So most of these pictures are from Kevin and my trip to Holland.  We went to Michigan on Monday, headed to Holland on Tuesday (while my parents cared for our kids) and then came back to my parents' home on Friday.  Saturday, we packed up and went home.

On the way.  We had a DVD player mounted behind the driver's seat, and the kids were fairly happy sitting and watching Ninjago episodes for 5 hours.

Like I said, Tuesday morning was blank.  We all went to a zoo.

Then Kevin and I went to Holland, Michigan.  They have a tulip festival every year, which is actually happening THIS week.  So last week, when we were there, we didn't cope with masses of tourists but the city was gorgeous with tulips everywhere.

We went to Windmill Island on Thursday.  Holland was settled (in the 1800's) by Dutch settlers and much of the tourist trade has to do with all things Dutch.  Windmill Island has a windmill, no surprise.  It was fascinating to learn about the history of windmills in Holland.  They were used to drain land, but they also were used to grind grain, among other things.

Old fashioned post box.

Here is the windmill.  It was brought over from Holland 40 or 50 years ago.  In pieces. We went inside and did a tour.  Totally neat, though not a trivial climb  for acrophobes (and I am one.)

A rare picture of ME.  I tend to be the one behind the camera.

Sarah, being cute.

On the way home, we moved Isaac to the back because he is so tall he was blocking people's view to the DVD player. Rose conked out for a MORNING nap after a very busy week.

The required Wendy's stop on the way home.  We rarely take all the kids to a restaurant.  For obvious reasons -- way more work than staying home and eating there.  So this was special for Daniel.

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