Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Week

  Kevin has 2 weeks of vacation!  That is truly awesome.  He doesn't go back until January 3rd.

  We're trying to take daily naps.  Both of us are tired and there is something about crawling into the sheets for an hour after lunch that is really relaxing.  Not that I am always able to sleep. Yesterday, Daniel was upset and kept yelling, which kept me awake.  Kevin was downstairs dealing with it but still, the noise kept me awake.

  Rose is always in her room during nap time, resting/playing. She can't be allowed to roam at will.


            She is so cute, though!  In the midst of toddler destruction, she continues to completely charm us.

           I admit I was not entirely charmed when she pried up a heating grate and threw a bunch of Tinker Toys into the bowels of the heating ducts.  I fished them out, groaning at the dirt and cobwebs.  Then she did it again an hour later.  Tinker Toys are now UP.

             Naomi turned 17 this week. I know it is totally a cliche but...where did the time go?  I remember her as a newborn and it has been 17 years!

               Naomi got her PSAT scores back in the last week or so.  She took it partially as practice for the ACT and SAT.  She scored about average in math, which isn't surprising as she is only in geometry so is behind.  Her verbal scores were through the roof. Her writing and editing and grammar skills are better than many people twice her age.  She still isn't entirely sure what she wants to do with her life, but being able to communicate in writing is a valuable skill and she has it in spades.


                  We managed a family picture.  It is really good. Even Rose is smiling, when often she is not too keen on pictures.  It depends on her mood.

            Yesterday, I took 5 of our children to my work's annual Christmas Eve party for families, though it was on the 23rd because today (Christmas Eve) is a Saturday.  Naomi and Lydia have aged out of getting a present, and I decided I didn't want to deal with a crazy toddler while standing in line for Santa  Then Isaac felt sick and didn't go -- which was fortunate as he threw up while we were gone!  
         Kevin's mom graciously came along to help me wrangle Sarah and Daniel. We started out with a tasty breakfast, including skim chocolate milk.  Skim?  It just seems wrong to combine skim milk with chocolate, but the kids didn't seem to mind.  Then we got in line for Santa.  We don't "do" Santa as a family.  I joke that the kids know from the womb that he is pretend, because I used to tell my pregnant belly "Santa isn't real!"  But the Santa picture is part of getting the presents, plus it is always nice to get a good picture of the kids.  I had to chuckle a bit at what the kids were wearing. They had clothes on, and shoes.  That's about all we can hope for.  Most of the other families had their kids dressed up nicely with matching outfits.  With 9 kids, I'm just happy when I can get them dressed and out the door on time. Which I did.

  Tomorrow is Christmas.  Kevin's mom is coming over.  We'll open presents.  I hope for a quiet and relaxing day.  Did I just write that?  It won't be quiet with all those new presents?  I hope we have a wonderful, blessed family day.

     And of course, why do we celebrate Christmas?  Because God in his infinite mercy became flesh, Immanuel, God With Us.  Thank you, Father God. Thank you, Lord Jesus. Thank you, Holy Spirit.

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