Thursday, October 25, 2018

Challenging Week

I'm feeling rather discouraged off and on, but that's life.

I have many little stupid projects that I'm having trouble finding time to do. They aren't that important, but they do need done.

A friend of mine lost her father to a sudden heart attack back on October 13th. She gave me great advice about having a good attitude about my own limitations.

I'm continuing to improve but I still get tired and sometimes I hurt.  It's Ok, it is, but it is frustrating.

I have been back to work the last couple of weeks and am catching up on all that was set aside while I was away for medical reasons.

Kevin is having out patient surgery on his right wrist in about a week, so we'll plunge back into the aftermath of surgery.  BUT it isn't as invasive as mine was, not nearly, so that's good.

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