Sunday, December 16, 2018

Sickness and Working Out

Sigh. So we've had one of our tiresome illnesses. Kevin and I in particular have been sick for almost 2 weeks now.  When I say sick, I don't mean really sick. Not smallpox sick :-).  Or even flu sick.  No, it is just a cold.  The kids of course are taking their sweet time passing it around. I think they all have had it now except for Isaac and Joseph, who are on round one of it since they missed the first 2 weeks while they were in Hawaii.

I have been really achy, which is an interesting combination of minor illness and working hard on my core strength after the surgery.  Yep, I'm still not quite back to normal. My chiropractor says I am improving, but I have a pretty sore neck and am applying heat to it often. 

Today is better than yesterday, and yesterday was better than a few days ago, so that's good.

Kevin is working 3 days this week than gets nearly 2 weeks off for Christmas.  That's exciting!

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