Thursday, June 20, 2019

This Month's Guilty Pleasure: Total Wipeout

I'm quite a serious person, and I work hard.  One does not get a Ph.D. in engineering unless one works hard or is a genius, and I am not a genius.

Anyway, I realized in the last couple of years that I probably wasn't relaxing and enjoying life quite as much as I should.  It is good to be hard working but it is also good to rest and take pleasure in life's little and big blessings.

I'll discuss big blessings at another time.  Right now, a little blessing. Total Wipeout.

It's a TV show on Amazon Prime which involves competitors trying to make it through a challenging obstacle course; when they fail, and the usually do, they fall into mud pits or into pools of water.  There is a female host who stands around the course making snide comments, and a male host in a comfortable studio who is sarcastic and snarky.

It. Is. Hilarious.  It is family bonding as the kids and I sit around chortling over brave souls falling into mud.

I like Total Wipeout.

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